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they're building another titanic
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i am mesmerized by this man
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insane scams that actually kinda worked
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best decoration i've ever seen
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The Most Dialed In Man On Instagram
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Rich People Keep Trying To Build Cities
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He Bought A House On Amazon
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Musician Tries To Change His Identity And Fails
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The Crypto Scamming Pastor
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Knight Fighting Is My New Favorite Sport
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Insane Clickbait Is Ruining The Internet
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Making Millions Stealing Content
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Faking Public Freakouts For Clout
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daddy gonzalez
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daddy gonzalez
birthday surprise!!
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birthday surprise!!
the fake merch industrial complex
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the fake merch industrial complex
reviewing my younger self
Переглядів 2 млнРік тому
reviewing my younger self
mike tyson is obsessed with pigeons??
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mike tyson is obsessed with pigeons??
my response to the brent rivera situation
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my response to the brent rivera situation
I tricked everyone into thinking I cut my hair
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I tricked everyone into thinking I cut my hair
addressing the screaming dog controversy
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addressing the screaming dog controversy
the worst fanfics i could find
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the worst fanfics i could find
i think i might have lied
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i think i might have lied
the weirdest youtube shorts i could find pt. 2
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the weirdest youtube shorts i could find pt. 2
kevin jonas music video behind the scenes
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kevin jonas music video behind the scenes
on the run
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on the run
update on andrew tate
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update on andrew tate
i love fanart!
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i love fanart!
my followers turned against me
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my followers turned against me
tiktok hates this song
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tiktok hates this song


  • @Eranrenrae
    @Eranrenrae 2 години тому

    As a kid I know I would've DEMOLISHED this song alongside early Panic! At The Disco and Set It Off. As an adult? Pretty generic pop punk sounding lol. But that's what was good about punk songs when I was a kid imo. You have interesting sounding voices with interesting sounding instrumentals and basic enough lyrics that you can sing along. His song isn't really BAD it's just written for the wrong time frame.

  • @kezi7728
    @kezi7728 3 години тому

    2:28 So no credit for the original tiktoker?

  • @twodeciliters4909
    @twodeciliters4909 4 години тому

    waiiitt is the anti-microwave guy the river bank guy??? 😭😭😭

  • @trystanfranziskus
    @trystanfranziskus 5 годин тому

    Bro is about 2y late on that one

  • @cam4636
    @cam4636 5 годин тому

    Wait didn't someone already build a replica Titanic for rich people to smarm around on _and it sank at the dock_ Edit: Tried to search for it but all I'm getting is Temu Titanic replica models to sink on your own time

  • @suekuarell4685
    @suekuarell4685 6 годин тому

    Its compleatöy normal in germany

  • @lemmon9436
    @lemmon9436 6 годин тому

    2.22m on 2 danny 2 furious rn thats 5 2's

  • @dripper8503
    @dripper8503 7 годин тому

    im a sigma greg

  • @twilightlorule
    @twilightlorule 7 годин тому

    Free Palestine 🇵🇸

  • @randomchickennugget3633
    @randomchickennugget3633 8 годин тому

    Is this sponsored by crocs

  • @whoxqx
    @whoxqx 8 годин тому

    he actually looks 𝓯𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴𝔂/jj

  • @starkjet2197
    @starkjet2197 8 годин тому

    Billionaires and millionaires haven’t matured since the age of 10 with their child like “ideas”

  • @starkjet2197
    @starkjet2197 8 годин тому

    “Insanity is the act of doing something over and over again and expecting different results.”

  • @ChinChilla__
    @ChinChilla__ 8 годин тому

    Can’t wait

  • @Dat1gamerDude
    @Dat1gamerDude 8 годин тому

    5:16 United postal Service

  • @Ricklet0ons
    @Ricklet0ons 8 годин тому

    Lets hope danny doesnt talk about the Titanic 666 movie 💀

  • @amelieg246
    @amelieg246 9 годин тому

    The way he snatched up that pigeon shouldn't have been as funny as it was

  • @CO-iz7wp
    @CO-iz7wp 10 годин тому

    Danny should have talked about how this guy tried to run for parliament and invested millions in UA-cam advertising for his campaign only to piss everyone off for running hour long ads that were unskipable and which eventually had to be removed. Also love that he mistook Media Watch for the News and then was confused why the journalist was so salty 😂

  • @emi-fq5em
    @emi-fq5em 10 годин тому

    how was this guy not been cancelled? he just gave us ALL cancer!

  • @mario-yo4hy
    @mario-yo4hy 12 годин тому

    A modern cruise ship hit a rock in Italy a few years ago and it was a bit like titanic but the captain was an asshole too

  • @Mintybutter
    @Mintybutter 12 годин тому

    2:40 yes it is russian, it says 80g HAppy cactus, milk ice cream with strawberry and chocolate coating

  • @juliav5312
    @juliav5312 16 годин тому

    i can assure you as an australian no one in australia likes clive palmer lmao

  • @Rotten-jv3pz
    @Rotten-jv3pz 17 годин тому

    As a former Titanic nerd, the Titanic had compartments similar to that of modern bulkheads ( they are air-tight to stop the water from leaking into the next one as mentioned by someone else here ) but they were not properly sealed at the top causing it to leak over into the next compartment, it didn't help that the scraps the iceberg made were across roughly three of those compartments/30 ish feet long I believe. So it was not too far from being at least better than other ships at that time, and I would love to see an actual Titanic 2.0 with proper safety measures in place but I don't feel Clive is up to that job... with him in charge, I can only assume, all passengers would get an in-person tour of the previous wreckage...

  • @forger0412
    @forger0412 17 годин тому

    After watching this video, I'm now a certified Gregma male

  • @Chair_0809
    @Chair_0809 17 годин тому

    Bro its them eyes 😂 thats y she screamed, ik i probably would.

  • @danajoe3489
    @danajoe3489 18 годин тому

    he kind of looks like he’s trying to be scotty vanity ??

  • @adzdrawss
    @adzdrawss 19 годин тому

    i was on a random website when i was like 8. i saw an ad that said “if you have 10 moles on your right arm then you have cancer” i always freaked out thinking i had cancer so much when i was little so this was worse case scenario. i counted my moles and triple checked. i had 9 whole moles and i let out a sigh of relief. though i was worried i miscounted which is why i counted so much. random ads like that are crazy

  • @SoundExperiment123
    @SoundExperiment123 20 годин тому

    Suddenly have the urge to send invoices to a bunch of big companies for nothing and see if any of them pay without actually reading it

  • @Amy-fd9xp
    @Amy-fd9xp 20 годин тому

    If he’s waking up early to catch a dragon, I guess the early bird does get the wyrm

  • @abbyrockwell-pt7dm
    @abbyrockwell-pt7dm 21 годину тому

    i personally like his music, i don't like all the judgement but that's just me , much love to everyone

  • @Hi_its_me_actually_me
    @Hi_its_me_actually_me 23 години тому

    3:20 single use knives

  • @benjaminhill6171
    @benjaminhill6171 23 години тому

    You know, I agree that a movie isn't a very good idea for a first date. But that doesn't change the fact that my first date with the girl who is now my wife was a movie. Who woulda thought? 😆

  • @Iamahotminor
    @Iamahotminor 23 години тому

    Danny looks like Eminem

  • @megapussi
    @megapussi День тому

    4:01 bro *obviously* the studio is where he keeps his whiteboards where he rights down how much money he wants each day, thats like the most important part of the process

  • @lydiaquartz813
    @lydiaquartz813 День тому

    this may be a slightly niche reference but this reminds me so much of the show 'avenue 5'... dumb rich man who gets bored, decides to build a cruise ship, ends badly. but this time it isn't some guy who can seem vaguely lovable, it's fucking clive palmer?? thought i would never have to see that guy's face again after the constant youtube ads he did😭

  • @FlavioNascimento-ju2gc
    @FlavioNascimento-ju2gc День тому

    Feijoadabot mentioned

  • @MooseShower
    @MooseShower День тому

    I love watching Danny for hours equestrian videos!

  • @im_terminallyonline
    @im_terminallyonline День тому

    Bro, I'm a Charles. What the hell, Danny?? >:(

  • @K-I-R-B-Y
    @K-I-R-B-Y День тому

    I actually had a scary experience with Danny, You see, I met Danny and went to ask for a picture and he just put his hand in front of my face and started chanting “cease these games photo boy. Get em Greg” and his eyes started glowing red and he moved his hand up and my body followed. I was levitating in the air as he continued his demonic chant.i was unable to move, stuck in the air. As he chanted I slowly start to evaporate like water, but as only my head was left, he stopped, and my body unevaporated. I fell onto the floor and looked at him, dazed. He then took a photo of himself and gave me my phone, he then walked away. Everyone around us looked terrified at him. And then he started eating the lights and they all went back to daily life, I then shared the photo on my UA-cam, excited I got a photo of him. Looking back it was terrifying. (I giggled the entire time making this)

  • @Spidermax-mo6tg
    @Spidermax-mo6tg День тому

    Bro who did not know 2fast 2 furious like it so good

  • @spiyder
    @spiyder День тому

    16:00 i used to watch his minecraft videos a lot when i was a lot younger

  • @mangojuice8898
    @mangojuice8898 День тому

    Oh im sure glad global warming has got rid of icebergs

  • @skeletondandy7405
    @skeletondandy7405 День тому

    He does his TikTok clipping in an office instead of his bed because working in an office let's him live with the delusion that what he does is meaningful work.

  • @ashegrey3042
    @ashegrey3042 День тому

    tbh they prob have a facebook account that’s big & they just make the vids on tik tok so they post them there as well

  • @SuperSkelly21
    @SuperSkelly21 День тому

    Prime Danny hair

  • @user-ke4po8qp7c
    @user-ke4po8qp7c День тому

    DANNY. Your austrailian accent was okay. Stop beating yourself up. It's accurate. I love it. Dream on, Danny. Sincerely, An Aggressively Positive Gnarpian. *Jelatio J. Jimson.*

  • @cargo_vroom9729
    @cargo_vroom9729 День тому

    This guy is the weirdest Elder Scrolls Oblivion character I've ever seen.

  • @killeramphibians
    @killeramphibians День тому

    the part where clive palmer denoted cancel culture by saying that the US was built on diversity and then danny saying "yeah but... you're australian" KILLED ME

  • @Godemporerofthegays
    @Godemporerofthegays День тому

    Now checkout full contact jousting